My favorite project management links and websites

I want to thank those of you who have started reading the Blog and hopefully have found something useful in the posts.  But I am by no means the only “gray haired PM” in cyberspace.  I am grateful to the many project management veterans who have taken the time to share their experience and insight with the PM community. Along with the professional PM sites such as the Project Management Institute, which offers the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – 4th Edition (available from Amazon hopefully soon), there is a wealth of PM information available on-line to help both the fledgling project manager and the seasoned professional. So in response to several of your emails, here are some of my favorite sites and blogs:

Project Connections provides for free access to papers, case studies, and almost 50 PM templates. They also have premium subscription services. You will find articles on lessons learned and best practices from people who are or have been project managers and lived to tell about it.

Projects at Work is an online magazine for project management professionals. It includes news, advice, and commentaries relevant to all aspects of project management.

Project Smart has an easy to navigate, topic references site with 100’s of articles and white papers on: Agile Project Management, Best Practices, Case Studies, Change Management, Communication and much, much more. This site serves as a useful and comprehensive knowledge base on all things related to project management.

PM Forum is all about international project management. From the PM forum, you can also access PM World Today. Each issue contains viewpoints by project managers, featured papers, case studies, and Tips and Techniques. PM World Today is a free subscription.

Project Perfect provides insight, worldwide commentary, and a products/services forum for project managers.

PM Today is a subscription service with informative articles on all aspects of project management. Although a subscription fee is associated with access, you can get 3 months free to check it out for yourself.

Cognitive Technologies Library is my own company’s resource library with lots of free white papers and guides for your reading and use.

Raven’s Brain is a great blog maintained by Raven Young where she posts on Project & Program Management, Leadership, Tech & Business, Personal Growth, Professional Development, Soft Skills and anything else that sparks her interest.

Journyx’s Project Management Blog is a great place to find posts from many authors on a wide variety of project topics.  And if you get to read one of Curt’s posts – it will always make you smile!
And lest we not overlook the need for your weekly dose of PM humor, don’t forget to check out Scott Adam’s Dilbert Strips.

While there are many more really helpful PM sites, I hope these examples will get you started.

If you have some favorite PM sites, please add them to the list via your comments.


13 Responses to “My favorite project management links and websites”

  1. John Says:

    Also check out our blog based on our nine years of experience as a web development and design agency. It is mostly stories about small business project management experiences and is more of a non traditional approach to PM.

  2. Kevin Lonergan Says:

    PMIS is a site that has loads of free resources for project managers and anyone interested in this field

  3. Brad Egeland Says:

    Nice post. I’d like to also suggest PM Tips at Very useful real-life and real experience project management information featuring 40-50 fresh new posts every month with solid readership and lots of feedback and comments. Everything from PM experiences and methodology, to cloud computing and agile development, to job postings and consulting tips are available on the PM Tips blog site. Check it out…thanks.

  4. kerrywills Says:

    Good list. I just started one of my own to capture my publishings and ramblings in the PM space. They are educational and meant to be entertaining as well. Let me know what you think (or even subscribe in the upper right of the page)

    Check out my entertaining article relating Project Management to Kung Fu movies…

  5. kevin Brady Says:

    Take a look at lots of “free templates” and “How to content”

  6. The Accidental Project Manager – Part 1 « Fear No Project – A Project Management Blog Says:

    […] Learn what being a project manager is about from professionals. One place to start is the Project Management Institute which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the profession of project management (Most of the time – I will cover that one in another post). Membership offers guidance and resources including PM Network, Project Management Journal, and PMI Today. But mostly it is the PM Body of Knowledge that they have nurtured that gives the practitioners something to guide the profession.  There are many other valuable resources available and I have listed some of my favorite project management blogs and websites in a past post – Bruce’s Favorites. […]

  7. James Says:

    Also check out:
    I’s got a good cross-section of templates across the project lifecyle including a few free ones available for download.

  8. Project Management Blog Says:

    Check out as well. Ty Kiisel and other bloggers do a great job of talking about current and relevant project management problems.

  9. Alvin Says:

    Another good site (I am biased) is which is blog that talks about everything related to project management.

  10. Defending the Project Management Profession « Fear No Project – A Project Management Blog Says:

    […] Learn from practitioners. This can include joining local project management groups, taking PMI or vendor sponsored classes, and reading articles and blog posts by project managers. Beside Fear No Project, I think you will find useful information from the bloggers I have listed on my Blogroll. (also see My favorite project management links and websites) […]

  11. Bruce Marjoribanks Says:

    Thanks for the great list. I also recommend the resources over at

  12. Sandeep Says:

    Thanks for nice post. I am also share information to my project management software. It helps you track issue, document management and other important features . It helps you to increase performance and efficiency.

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